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starrsim asked: I have a quick question. I had the paisley print dress worn by the hobby sim in your post "these people always give me the creeps" However, due to computer issues I lost it. Do you remember where you found it? I know it was originally an ea store item, but that's now closed down

Actually, I believe it’s from the H&M SP. I think I’ve seen it in my game without my DLs folder.

If not, I’m not sure where I got it, but I can dig through my resource list. Does anyone else know? This is the dress in question:


Whoa, guys. I loaded up my queue and left the internet for a while. Hope it didn’t get too annoying. Hopefully I’ll have more recolors or something later (as in later this year, probably not until December).

All of Kirby’s worst fears have been realized. She had to change a diaper.

Two little ‘droid babies. My skin recolor wasn’t geneticized at this point, so they had no shot at looking like humans.

They’re both pregnant. Curse you, ACR! *waves fist*

Uncontrollable Urges: designate one sim (and only one) that you can control for a sim week. All other sims cannot be checked on/controlled at any time for the duration of that week - not even to give them makeovers.

In hopes that Nima would help out around the house on her own, I chose to control the slob of the ‘hood: Kirby. Since right after I rolled the challenge she became pregnant, I was pretty happy with my decision.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here

The Internet Scam Challenge: your household loses all of their money. All their money.

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