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About: Hey, there! You can call me Lua. I recolor things. Lots of things.
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Modish Kitten Bikini Recolors: Part I

Okay, so!  I love this bikini but I wasn’t a huge fan of the dual-coloured top & bottom in the original version, so I worked all day on fixing it with photoshop, then proceeded to learn how to make a bunch of solid recolours of the bikini!  I plan to do more of these, but basically this was my learning project for “how to make sims 2 stuff” for me.  XD

The mesh is included.

Thank you to Keoni for helping me out with a bunch of my silly little questions!


Original Mesh for TS3 by Modish Kitten

Conversion to TS2 by Lemonlion

(via keoni-chan)

#so cute!


Seaside Cottage

Legacy home

(Source: spaceywaceysims, via boolparty)


The interior of this house.

(via boolparty)

(Source: boolparty, via mrsktrout)

Testing the Early Access waters with Planet Explorers. My main quest is already bugged, so I basically have to start over, but I don’t mind. I really like it so far.

#non sims #nonsims
Anonymous asked: I can't download anything from your box even though you said it reset already, do you have backups for the items that aren't on mediafire like the ikea uldum rug recolors?

Oh, I’m sorry! The uldum rug is on my mediafire, I just forgot to update the post. It’s right here.

My box accounts did reset on the 1st, but one of them (which the rug is on) is out of bandwidth already. Sorry again for the trouble. If you come across any more problems, don’t hesitate to let me know!



Anna & Sabastian’s apartment exterior

(via lovely-wow)

Oh, and for those who have the UC and have tried it out, was anything changed? For instance, was CAS fixed for widescreens, or was the nvidia black rectangle shadow glitch fixed? I doubt it, but it could be worth reinstalling if the game got some updates.

#sims 2

For those of you that still hadn’t received the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection and didn’t bother contacting EA support about it (like me), they updated their UC page.

All you need to do go to the code redemption page and enter the code I-LOVE-THE-SIMS. I can confirm that it works.

Happy simming, everyone!

Edit: The code is only valid until July 31st, 10am PDT.

#the sims 2 #sims 2 #ts2 #i won't be downloading it because lets face it i don't trust my sims with origin #but its nice to have i guess
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